Billy's Shak Page!

If you are Shak go here.

If you are not Shak you can see my shak prayer.

Email me. Even if you are not Shak.

Has anyone heard of Shak's song Heat It Up? It is from Shak's lastest album Respect. It has a great beat and it features Loon from Harlem World. You can hear it occasionally on the radio. Here is a part from the song:

It's crunch time,
And I'm telling you one time,
So therefore get your metaphors and punchlines,
There's no way that you ain't got no tape,
Shak is back,
so don't make to make no mistakes,
Heat it up,
Heeaat it up

Speaking of rap music. The one song I hate is How I beat Shak. I made a new song called How I Didnt beat Shak.

For the next two years, the Magic struggled because of
injuries. One of these injuries were to Shak and he was forced to
sit out for most of the season.

But he came back and was taller than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see, his shoes are supper big!

Here's a picture of shak that I made when i was 2!

I like Shak.

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