21st Century Classroom community building – Design a logo for yourself

21st Century Classroom community building – Design a logo for yourself

We keep hearing that the reality of the 21st Century World of Work is that our students will have several careers. Perhaps a more accurate assessment is that many of them will essentially be freelancers, applying their skills as needed for many different companies or industries. Their online identities will become even more polished and important. Many will be creating businesses themselves. Right now, some of my students already have side businesses or are self-employed during the summer. At the same time, the ability to effectively communicate a message in multiple modes is becoming increasingly important.

Design – whether it’s artistic design, designing solutions to problems, or designing interactions – will be increasingly important mindset for my students. Thinking of this new reality, I wanted to play with the concept of creating a personal brand or logo with my students as a community building activity. We talk about design a lot in my Journalism 2 class, but I think this might be a fun and meaningful activity for just about any class. It allows people to express themselves, think with design, and get to know each other in a unique way.

The entire activity took 20 minutes, including the introduction and logo creation. I took pictures of all the logos with my phone and Dropbox automatically put them on my computer. I had everyone share with the whole class throughout the rest of the week, which added about 2 minutes to the front of class on those days.

A favorite clever logo of my students. Do you see the cat's eyes?

After I introduced the concept quickly to get their minds spinning, we looked at some wonderful examples of clever logos for inspiration. Here’s some sources you can check out for examples.

Here are some of the logos that they created. They enjoyed the activity and were proud to share their creations. Many of them wanted more time to add a lot more polish for their design, and some of them continued adapting the logos after class.

K.J.K wants to be a designer one day. Her logo was a class favorite.

Sandy said this logo shows her love of the beach.

M.B. hid her initials while expressing the importance of her faith.

Val is obsessed with mustaches.

Carlie O. showed off her Irish heritage.

K.K. wanted to make a simple, clear logo.

M.J.M. is always smiling.

This student is amazing at basketball.

This logo for M.Y. ended up having multiple meanings. It's her world.

Sam lives for horses.

Kyle's moods are unpredictable, and he knows it.

Blair loves coffee.

E.A.D. is a State swimmer.


M.M.M. wanted to make a bold statement.

D.K.L. got really creative with her love for the outdoors.

H.M. made her initials with white space. She's an editor for newspaper and yearbook and the logo looks like plan for a layout.

M.W. played with mirror imagery.

This one was mine.

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