How to get rid of comments and related videos on YouTube

YouTube is a great resource for bringing the real world into your classroom and having students publish and share their work.

However, many teachers are hesitant to visit YouTube with classes because comments displayed under videos and the related videos that display on the side of the screen can be unpredictable and distracting at best and inappropriate for school at worst.

When you have no control over the related videos, every click is an adventure.

Fortunately, there are a few fixes for this issue. My favorite involves an extension for the Google Chrome browser called Toggle YouTube Comments. It’s quick and easy to install and it hides all comments and related videos by default, leaving you with a clean window and all eyes on the video you want to show.

Toggle YouTube Comments takes away potentially distracting or inappropriate comments or related videos.

If you are interested in seeing the comments and related videos, you can just click the “Comments” button and they’ll appear instantly.

Of course, be sure to screen any YouTube videos yourself before showing them to a classroom audience.  This tool can help make the whole experience a lot more pleasant.

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